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Ballarat Rural Fencing

What our clients say

Melbourne Cup winning jockey Michelle Payne talks about her experience with Ballarat Rural Fencing. 


"The new cattle yards are so much easier to use. I can do the work of 3 people on my own - in the same time! I'm really pleased with the quality of work" Laurie O'Hanlon 

Stock Yards & Loading Ramps

When building stockyards there are a few key points that are essential:

  • The yards must be well thought-out and designed so they are easy to use allowing the cattle to move freely. We work in within your requirements and take your unique needs into account when designing the site layout. It is during this stage that our extensive experience helps us come up with the best outcome possible.
  • We have the skills and background knowledge that is required to design a set of yards that is built to last. This includes depth and diameter of holes, posts spacings, cap rails at the top of gateways, rail spacings and dimensions. There are no prefab panels - all our yards are built on site from scratch, so they are there to stay.  
  • The yards must also be safe to work with. For example, we put slam shut catches on all small and forcing yards instead of chains. So you don't have to go into those dangerous spots - the safety of you and your team is top of mind.  

Have a look at some photos in the gallery below - we think they speak for themselves:

Stock Yard and Loading Ramp Gallery

Loading Ramps Client Gallery